Voicy brings short sound to gaming

Memes in the form of short sounds add a playful and entertaining touch to your gaming experience. By using Voicy, you can add an unparalleled dimension to your gaming experience through sound!

Voicy for gamers

New way of communication

From the start, Voicy has been built with gamers at the forefront of our minds. The use of sound memes in gaming and streaming has increased in popularity over recent years. This trend, together with a strong community, brought Voicy to where it stands today. It’s the largest and most popular free meme sound platform for gaming.

The Voicy library contains hundreds of thousands of funny game sound effects and game memes. Whether you love the Roblox, Minecraft or CSGO sounds and voice lines, you can find them on Voicy via our Web Platform, App and Bots! Voicy will enhance your gaming experience by enabling you to play and share sounds in-game. Be the funny guy in your Discord community and share sounds you love with your fellow gamers!