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Share Voicies directly within Slack

Similar to GIFs, you can send sound memes from Voicy directly in your Slack channel. With the Slack app, you never have to leave the channel or the chat for that perfect meme reaction!

Start using Voicy via
slack in 3 easy steps


Add the Voicy app

Get started by adding the Voicy Slack app with the button above or install the free app from the Slack Appstore! No access? Ask your admin to add the Voicy app! He or she will thank you later.


Search with /Voicy

Within the channel type /voicy in your keyboard followed by your search query. Voicies will pop up and and you can preview the sound if you like!



Hit the send button and the channel or person will receive the Voicy as audio clip!


Voicy is one of the best Slack apps!

With friends and colleagues I always loved to send memes around in our group chats and we were exploring new fun and free Slack apps. We downloaded Voicy and took our meme game really to the next level. It is so easy to use and the sound clips are often perfect reactions in the discussions we have. The Slack Bot made the teamwork so much more fun. Voicy is a must-have Slack app!

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Nicole Parker
Slack Botslack user