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Share Voicies directly with our Discord Bot

Send funny sound memes in your server directly within Discord. Search over 500.000 sounds clips to play or send them directly with the Voicy bot! Be the funny one.

Start using Voicy via
discord in 3 easy steps


Get Voicy Bot

Add the Voicy Discord bot to your server with the button. Don’t have the rights to add it to a server? Ask the server admin! He or she will thank you later...


/send or /play

Type /send or /play to search for your favorite sound clip. With /play you can play your favorite sound in a video call and with /send you can send the meme sound in the channel.



If you want to send or play it, choose from the search results by adding a reaction to the message from the Discord bot. And you are done!


Voicy is the best Discord meme bot I know

When playing games with friends, we always communicate via Discord servers and calls. In here, we use a lot of sound memes from the Voicy sound effect bot. I can make my own Discord sound packs and play and share clips directly. I’ve seen more bots alike to the Voicy Discord sound bot doing similar stuff, but Voicy has the best content for Discord sound effects and is the easiest to use!

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Jac Hewitt
Discord Botdiscord user