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Share Voicies directly from your Telegram keyboard

Over 500,000 sounds clips to play and send directly. With the Telegram Bot you never have to leave your chat for the perfect meme reaction in the group chat or conversation. Easy to install and 100% free.

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Start using Voicy via
telegram in 3 easy steps


Add the keyboard

Install the Telegram keyboard by clicking on the link above (button) or search in Telegram for ‘Voicy’ and click install.


Search with @VoicySounds_bot

After you have successfully installed the Voicy keyboard, you type @VoicySounds_bot followed by your search query in the Telegram chat to find the sound clip you're looking for.



Hit the send button and get ready for the chat to start laughing after receiving your voicy as funny sound clip!

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I really love the surprise effect of sound clips!

I really love fun Telegram bots and this is definitely one of them! Such a coincidence that I found the voicybot after a Voicy LinkedIn post just after the release. It made me curious. I installed the Telegram sound bot and now I’m using it everyday in my group chats to send sounds in Telegram and have fun with friends. I can even upload a Telegram sound to Voicy and reuse it in groups or chats! I would say it’s one of the best free Telegram bots for groups I know. Just love it!

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