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About Voicy

With over half a million sound clips created by hundreds of thousands of creators, Voicy is the number one audio meme platform in the world.

The Voicy platform, app and bots enable everyone to discover, create and share sound clips and sound effects online. We are more than just another content platform. Voicy is here to revolutionize communication within messaging, social video, streaming and gaming by making it faster, more expressive and fun. The key? Sound.

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Whether you love to listen to the quotes of your favourite actor, athlete or YouTuber or you are just looking for new funny trending audio memes, you came to the right place! Explore and discover the entire library of soundboards, sound clips and sound GIFs for free!

First you had emojis, then you had GIFs and now you have ‘Voicies’

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Sharing is caring. Voicy is all about having fun together. You can share any sound clip that you find into your messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Discord, Telegram, Messenger, Viber and others! When an Emoji or a GIF doesn't do the job, send a Voicy and make your friends laugh!

“We are here to change
social media forever”

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Bring your sound to the masses online by creating sounds, sound GIFs or shorts with Voicy. Without any experience you can create the most viral content on the platform in seconds. Our passionate community will love to discover new sounds created by you. Now is your time!

Creators from all over the world make the content they are passionate about. Everyone can play, share, like or comment on the sounds they love. The best creators make it to the Voicy leaderboard and have the opportunity to become verified!

Do not talk in class

“Dont play this in class”

Push the boundaries and be provocative

Community powered

It is the passionate community, with creators from all over the world, that brought Voicy where it stands today. The contributions from the community allow you to find the best content you are looking for at any time in any place.

By commenting, liking and sharing the best sounds and the most promising creators are identified together. Join the community today and help us decide what’s the funniest, most interesting and trending audio content on the internet....

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