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Use the Voicy API or SDK to add short sounds to your application

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One integration, covering all use cases

An all-in-one short sound solution for bringing short sounds to your users.

Voicy integration use case illustration - UsageUsage Allow users to message and post sounds within your application.
Voicy integration use case illustration - Creation
Coming soon
Creation Power users to create and edit short sounds within your application. Quick and easy.
Voicy integration use case illustration - SearchSearch Search through Voicy’s library of 125K+ sounds by using a smart search algorithm.
Voicy integration use case illustration - Real time
Coming soon
Real-time Have users play sounds real-time in your calling or video application.

No more content hustle

Our API and SDK cover all your needs. We bring the best short sound content to your application.

Bringing the best content to your userbase

With content curation and smart algorithms, we bring your users the content they want.
CurationOur content team handpicks the best sounds for your users to use.
SearchOur smart search algorithm returns the best content for your user’s search.
QualityWe optimise quality in the background, so you can enjoy the best quality available.

While we take care of the content moderation

Our content is moderated, and ready for all different type of users.
NSFWDetermine the level of (NSFW) moderation you want to have.
CopyrightWe take down copyrighted sounds, so you don’t get in trouble.

A ready to go SDK

Rapidly implement short sound in your application by using the Voicy SDK, which has everything you need.

Optimized Our SDK is optimized for high volumes of traffic. Therefore, applications of all sizes can integrate without any problem whatsoever.
Customizeable Customize your Voicy integration with a great variety of features such as NSFW, different content formats and multi-language options.
Full access Our library is constantly expanding with both user created as well as curated content. Providing users access to a wide range of material

Our SDK has everything you need

The Voicy SDK covers all aspects of your UI and technical implementation, making integrating that much easier

Customizable interfaceAdjust the interface according to your own style and preferences
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Voicy integration features

What do others say about Voicy?

As our partnerships grow, take a look below to see what our current partners have to say

“Innovation and exclusive collaborations, like the one with Voicy, enable our users to communicate in a more expressive, personalised and native way, acting as the digital form of non-verbal cues in real-life conversation, like gestures and facial expressions.”
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100M+ plays in the first three months of the launch Rakuten Viber

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