Best Free To Download Sound Effects For Video Editing (2020)

September 25, 2020

Sound effects are very popular for editing YouTube and Tiktok videos to enhance storytelling. The use of sound effects is an incredible tool if you want to add realism, coherence or humor to your creative projects. Below you can find a collection of 20+ popular sound effects that you can download for free and share with your peers via social media.

Top 20+ Sound Effects

1. Tape Rewind

2. School Bel

3. DJ Scratch

4. Thunderstorm

5. Crickets

6. Ba Dum Tsss

7. Explosion

8. Flashback

9. Applause

10. Dun Dun Duuun

11. Heartbeat

12. Illuminati

13. Water Bubbles

14. Suspense

15. Kids Cheering

16. Glass Shattering

17. Alarm Clock

18. Cinematic Whoosh

19. Bottle Cork

20. Booing

21. Sad Romance

22. Phone Ringing

More Sounds?

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