Too Hot To Handle Soundboard

May 5, 2020

Too Hot To Handle is the new Netflix hit that brings together 10 of the hottest and biggest Tinder swipers to give them one simple rule: You cannot even get to base 1. If you do, you’ll lose money, a lot of money. We put together a mix of sound memes, gifs and memes and present you the top 3 sound clips. Check out the soundboard on this page.

#1 Omg he got tattoos – Chloe sound meme

Let’s start off with Chloe and her quote that sets the tone of the Netflix Hit. ‘Omg he got tattoos’ is her response of seeing the first candidate. Of course, she doesn’t say it like a normal person would say it.

#2 Different leagues bro – Sound meme

You would think that they are all at the same level, but inside their world, there are even more levels. Apparently, Netflix put together different leagues and put them all on the same pitch as we can hear from a conversation between two of the guys. This is literally, too hot to handle.

#3 You kind of need to have good grades too – Haley sound meme

Haley is one of the participants of the #TooHotToHandle TV hit. Haley is in a sorority and she explains a little bit what it takes to be in a sorority. Between you and me, it’s a lot to take on!

Check out the #TooHotToHandle soundboard