Lil Nas X Soundboard

January 6, 2021

The American youngster Lil Nas X got popular early 2019 when he went viral on TikTok with his country-rap song “Old Town Road”. Because of this song, the rapper-singer gained a lot of popularity and attention. Discussions got started, arguments were laid down. Is this country? Is this rap? The country music community decided it was not country, and shouldn’t therefore be in the hit lists. This consequently gave a whole new dimension to the discussion, fuelling Montero Lamar Hill. Or as we know by know, Little Nas X.

A little catchy detail from Lil Nas X. He named himself after the rapper NAS, as a tribute. Will he also be as successful? Time will tell! In this article, we show you a collection of our top pick Lil Nas X sound clips and bites from his songs.

Pack my pass up – Sound meme # 3

This short piece is taken from Lil Nas X’s song c7osure. It’s a catchy song, and for some people this one is better than his debut hit. Therefore, we put the pack my pass up sound clip on 3. If you want to check out this song, you can go to this video clip on the official Lil Nas X Youtube channel.

Hey panini – Sound meme # 2

Lil Nas X is banging! His song ‘Panini’ is another hit with over 350 million views, and counting. No surprise that the lyrics are great, and we happened to select one of his lines for you. Here is Hey Panini. Check out the music video over here.

Old town road – Sound meme # 1

We couldn’t have any other sound clip other than the ones related to his hit ‘Old town road’ . It’s currently been watched for over 600 million times. Coming from nowhere, challenging the entire music industry with this song, Lil Nas has completely destroyed a lot of records. Take my horse, and ride till you can’t no more! Check out the music video over here.

More Lil Nas X sound clips?

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