Joe Exotic Soundboard

April 6, 2020

Netflix’s new hit Tiger King has been insanely popular in the last few days. The TV show about the eccentric Joe Exotic, as he likes to call himself, is a great mix between some kind of zoo documentary and a redneck western. As a result, we get a lot of crazy sound clips and sound effects from the Tiger King. We listed some of his best sound clips, coming from the Joe Exotic soundboard.

#1 I’m broke as shit – Sound Clip

We’d like to start off with the Joe Exotic quote where he tells about his life and all his problems. As all people, Joe’s life is not all sunshine and roses. He actually deals with a lot more than that. It’s a great piece of a TV show that is much greater.

#2 Things can get a little crazy around here – Sound Clip

The second clip is a fantastic understatement of Joe. Although he seems to say in a very humble way, it really is an understatement. It characterizes the Tiger King and his story. Good one!

#3 Here kitty kitty – Sound clip

Joe Exotic is not just the mad redneck we all get to know. He’s also human, and makes songs. One of his songs is ‘Here kitty kitty’ and you just have to watch this one. Who knows, maybe Netflix goes into the music industry! Here’s the ‘here kitty kitty’ sound clip.

Checkout the Joe Exotic Soundboard